Ad Hoc Committee on RTE Issues

Our  committee has these members  and is charged by the Faculty Senate to examine the totality of the academic environment that  relates to the RTE faculty and to propose improvements. The plan is to

  1. Bring “title clarity” to existing university-level policies as needed
  2. Improve current title descriptions and assess the adequacy of the line-up
  3. Provide checklists to guide decision-making that affects the RTE faculty.
  4. Provide guidelines for RTE retirement and emeritus/a status
  5. Address matters that have long-term importance

“RTE” stands for “Research Teaching Extension” and during 2018-19 steps were taken to enhance the shared governance role for that group of faculty. A synopsis of that work (including this precise definition of the RTE faculty ) provides a base line for the committee’s work.

Background Documents and Resources

Posting comments  on the committee website  is  totally anonymous unless you share your   identity in the post itself.

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