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3.1 Description of Titles

Academic titles are assigned according to the mix of primary responsibilities at the forefront of the university’s core efforts in research, teaching, and extension or outreach (including library). The use of a title may require that an approved position be  available.

The  academic titles described below are primary titles and all appointments thereto are approved by action of the dean, the provost, or the Board of Trustees. Administrative titles, such as dean and provost, are not included and do not by themselves confer academic status. Additional titles are used in the Medical College.

Professor Research Professor Titles
Associate Professor Professor of the Practice Titles
Assistant Professor Clinical Professor Titles
University Professor and Professor-at-Large
(Senior) Lecturer
Senior Scholar and Senior Scientist Teaching Associate
(Principal) Research Scientist Visiting Fellow
(Senior) Research Associate Visiting Critic
(Senior) Extension Associate Visiting Scholar and Visiting Scientist
Post-Doctoral Fellow and Post-Doctoral Associate Librarian and Archivist


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