The Antiracism Initiative

President Pollack’s July 16 letter to the community charges the Faculty Senate to develop proposals for

(a) An Antiracism Center ( Working Group C )
(b) A For-Credit Educational Requirement for Students  (Working Group S)
(c) A Required Educational Program for Faculty  (Working Group F)

The referenced  Working Groups will report their recommendations  to the Senate by December 1 keeping students and faculty fully informed of their deliberations all along the way via this website.

The Senate will debate and possibly modify the recommendations before registering formal support through a vote or multiple votes.  The recommendations will be made to the President and Provost, who then, in consultation with the deans, will consider academic implications and financial resources.

Familiarity with these references and resources and these  related efforts in the colleges  is important. See also these Senate discussions and presentations.

Note on transparency

The  working groups will not have chairs–they will  have facilitators. The Dean and/or Associate Dean of Faculty will co-facilitate each working group meeting,

In lieu of minutes, all working group meetings be will Zoom recorded and the audio file  will be posted on line. Working Group meeting agendas will posted in advance and in many cases the meetings themselves will be open to the community.

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