The Faculty Handbook

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0.1 Statement from General Counsel

0.2 Cornell Policy Statement on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech and Expression

Section 1. The Organization of the University

1.1   Departments, Colleges, Campuses
1.2  The Central Administration
1.3  The Assemblies
1.4  The University and RTE Faculties

Section 2. The Faculty and the Senate (The “OPUF”)

2.1   Faculties and University Voting Rights (Article I)
2.2   Functions and Responsibilities of the University Faculty (Article II)
2.3   Organization of the University Faculty (Article III)
2.4   Powers and Meetings of the University Faculty (Article IV)
2.5   The Dean of the University Faculty (Article V)
2.6   The Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty (Article VI)
2.7   The President and Officers of the University Faculty (Article VII)
2.8   Committees of the University Faculty (Article VIII)
2.9   Establishment and Organization of the Faculty Senate (Article IX)
2.10  Powers, Duties, and Meetings of the Faculty Senate (Article X)
2.11  Officers and Committees of the Faculty Senate (Article XI)
2.12  Relationships Between University Faculty and Faculty Senate (Article XII)
2.13  Relationships Between Administration and Faculty Governance (Article XIII)
2.14  Amendments (Article XIV)

Section 3. Titles, Appointments, Leaves

3.1  Description of Titles
3.2  Description of Title Modifiers
3.3  The Appointment Process
3.4  RTE Reappointments
3.5  Leaves
3.6  RTE Cap Modification Procedure

Section 4. Tenure Track Promotions

4.1 The Tenure Process
4.2 Promotion to Full Professor
4.3 Appeals 

Section 5. Retirement and Becoming Emeritus/a

5.1  The Retirement Checklist
5.2  Process for Becoming Emeritus/a
5.3  Perks and Opportunities for Retired and Emertitus/a Faculty
5.4  Cornell Academics and Professors Emeriti
5.5  Emeritus/a Status for Retiring RTE Faculty

Section 6. Policies and Assistance

6.1  Instruction
6.2  Research and Invention
6.3  Health and Safety
6.4  Ethical Practice
6.5  Financial Matters
6.6  Separation
6.7  Travel
6.8  Information and Communication
6.9  Miscellaneous


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