College-Level Teaching Awards

Awards listed are those for which only assistant professors are eligible unless otherwise noted.


This table lists award winners in all of the colleges.

College-Level Teaching Awards




AAP Michelle Sinnigen Watts Prize for Faculty Excellence (Department of Art)


All CALS awards

Sue Merkel

Janine VanOort

Innovative Teacher Award
Professor of Merit
Young Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
CALS Kathy Berggren Diversity and Inclusion Award

Kim Stockton


Stephan and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award– not specific to assistant professor level; any level is eligible
Morgan Chia-Wen Sze and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez Teaching Prize – not specific to assistant professor level; any level is eligible
Robert A. & Donna B. Paul Awards for Excellence in Mentoring and Advising – not specific to assistant professor level; any level is eligible.

Margaret Frey and Kenna Snow-Tompkins


College of Human Ecology Alumni Association and Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society Advising Award – this award honors a faculty member each year for outstanding advising. The nomination should include a paragraph describing why you believe the faculty member to be an outstanding advisor. Send nominations to Kenna Snow-Tompkins; typically due in February.

Michael Thompson, Teaching Excellence awards


Gennady Samorodnitsky, Tau Beta Pi teaching award


College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award
Michael Tien ’72 Excellence in Teaching Award
Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award
Kenneth A. Goldman ’71 College of Engineering Teaching Award
Dorothy and Fred Chau MS’74 College of Engineering Teaching Award
Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Teaching Excellence
Stephen Miles ’57 College of Engineering Teaching Award
Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Advisor Award
ILR Victoria Parker MacIntyre Award for Exemplary Teaching
Robert N. Stern Award for Teaching & Mentoring
Dyson C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell Teaching Excellence Award – Undergraduate Program
Teaching Excellence Award – Graduate Program
Outstanding Early Career Achievement Award
Research Excellence – “Our Business is a Better World” Award
Outstanding Achievement in Engagement Award
*Note: Dyson faculty can also be nominated for CALS teaching awards.

Danielle George (Clifford H. Whitcomb, Half Century, and Krause Fellows)

Sara Andress (Apple Award, Stephen Russell)

Rhonda Velasquez (Core and AMBA Core Awards)

Patrick Feely (Globe Award, Star Teaching)

Mukti Khaire (Cornell Tech MBA Award)

Savannah Bao (Cornell-Tsinghua Best Teaching Award)

Clifford H. Whitcomb Faculty Fellowship
Half Century Faculty Research Fellowship
Krause Faculty Fellow in Real Estate
Apple Distinguished Teaching Award
Core Faculty Award
AMBA Core Faculty Award
Stephen Russell Distinguished Teaching Award
The Globe Award for Teaching Excellence
Star Teaching Award
Cornell Tech MBA Award for Excellence in Teaching
Cornell-Tsinghua Best Teaching Award

Alex Susskind


Ted Teng ’79 Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award
Faculty Teaching Recognition Awards
·         Freshman, Sophomore, Junior/Senior and Graduate Core Awards
·         Undergraduate Elective
·         Graduate Elective

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