Resolution Archive


Resolution 151

Support for continued employment of Cornell staff during the COVID-19 crisis

Resolution 150

Cornell Law School clinical tenure

Resolution 149

Tenure Review Pauses

Resolution 148

When the Instructor is a Family Member

Resolution 147

Authorizing the Use of the  Professor-of-the-Practice Title for CVM

Resolution 146

Grade Change Protocols

Resolution 145

Fossil Fuel Divestment

Resolution 144

Social Science Superdepartments

Resolution 143

The Cross-College School of Public Policy Model

Resolution 142

The College of Public Policy Model

Resolution 141

Resolution regarding Emeritus/a Status eligibility for Retiring Research, Teaching and Extension (RTE) Faculty

Resolution 140

Learning Where You Live Course Oversight

Resolution 139

Changes in grading policy

Resolution 138

Handling Student Accommodations and Reaffirming Their Importance: Proposal for the updated student accommodations policy to become part of Faculty Handbook

Resolution 137

The Prevention of Device-Enabled Cheating During Exams: Proposal clarifies that unless instructors allow them, electronic devices are not allowed in exams.


Resolution 136

Meeting Time Patterns: Proposal adds additional 75-patterns and additional flexibility with respect to the longer-time patterns.

Resolution 135

Free-Time Zone: Proposal that clarifies how the 4:25-7:30pm period can be used.

Resolution 134

Grade changes: Proposal that instructor-of-record always is informed about changes that result in a “W” or an expunge grade.

Resolution 133

Course instructor of record

Resolution 132

Proposal for Implementation of Research Professor – College of Arts and Sciences (4/17/2019)

Resolution 131

Research, Teaching, and Extension (RTE) Faculty


Resolution 130

New Emeritus Process

Resolution 129

On Recent Racial Incidents


Resolution 128

Statement on Academic Freedom

Resolution 127

Cornell Leadership in Honesty and Reliable Knowledge

Resolution 126

Environment and Sustainability Major – Cross College Major

Resolution 125

Resolution on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Resolution 124

Resolution Concerning Cornell’s Response to Post-Election Events – Sanctuary Campus

Resolution 123

Resolution on Senate Meeting Dates

Resolution 122

Proposal for Implementation of Research Professor – College of Engineering (11/9/16)

Resolution 121

Endorsing a Request to Re-brand Cornell Plantations (10/12/16)

Resolution 120

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (9/14/16)


Resolution 119

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Human Ecology (5/11/16)

Resolution 118

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Veterinary Medicine (4/13/16)

Resolution 117

Honor Joseph A. Burns for His Service as Dean of Faculty (2/10/16)

Resolution 116

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Professor of Practice–College of Arts and Sciences (2/10/16)

Resolution 115

College of Business (12/16/15)

Resolution 114

Proposal for Implementation of Professor of Practice Title – College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (12/16/15)

Resolution 113

 Johnson Graduate School of Management Dual Degree Program (12/16/15)

Resolution 112

Student Resolution 24:  Cost Barriers to Study Abroad with President’s Response (11/5/15)

Resolution 111

Proposal for Implementation of Professor of Practice Title – College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (9/2/15)


Resolution 110

Investigation of Cornell University Conduct Toward Student Protestors (5/13/15)

Resolution 109

Enabling Legislation for Research Professor Title (5/13/15)

Resolution 108

Transfer of Titles by the Law School (5/13/15)

Resolution 107

Shared Governance in Matters of Educational Policy as Required by Article 13, Section 2 of the Bylaws of Cornell University (4/8/15)

Resolution 106

Professor of Practice Title – College of Engineering (4/8/15)

Resolution 105

Change Time of Faculty Senate Meetings (3/11/15)

Resolution 104

Professor of Practice and Clinical Professor Proposal- Human Ecology (2/11/15)

Resolution 103

Transfer from Clinical Professor to Professor of the Practice – Johnson Graduate School of Management (2/11/15)


Resolution 102

Professor of Practice Title – Amend 2002 Legislation (4/9/14)

Resolution 101

Cornell Investment and Divestment Strategies for a Sustainable Future (12/11/13)

Resolution 100

Clinical Professor Proposal – School of Hotel Administration (10/9/13)


Resolution 99

UFC Resolution on an Amendment to the eCornell Agreement (12/12/12)

Resolution 98B

Alternate Resolution on Investigation Concerning Freedom of Expression (12/12/12)

Resolution 98A

Investigation Concerning Freedom of Expression (12/12/12)

Resolution 97

Approve a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems at Cornell NYC Tech (10/10/12)


Resolution 96

Academic Calendar (5/9/12)

Resolution 95

Code of Academic Integrity, Resolution to Revise the Code of Academic Integrity (4/11/12)

Resolution 94

Change the Charge to the Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Status of the Faculty (4/11/12)

Resolution 93

Educational Policy Committee Resolution to add Two Student Members to EPC (3/14/12)

Resolution 92

Resolution on Cancellation of Classes, Monday April 27, 2015 from 8:00AM to 1:10PM to Celebrate the Cornell Sesquicentennial (3/14/12)

Resolution 91

Approve the Title Clinical Professor – College of Veterinary Medicine (12/14/11)

Resolution 90

Amend the University Bylaws to Allow Cornell Faculty to Earn a Graduate Professional Degree from Cornell University (10/12/11)

Resolution 89

Proposal to Implement Clinical Professor Title in the Johnson Graduate School of Management (9/14/11)


Resolution 88

Remove Median Grades from the Web  (5/11/11)

Resolution 87

Library Board  (5/11/11)

Resolution  86

Support the Extension of the Tenure-Track Clock for JGSM Faculty Appointments (5/11/11)

Resolution 85

Work over Breaks  (3/9/11)

Resolution 84

Use of Bottled Water (3/9/11)

Resolution 83

Protocols to Ensure Faculty Governance (2/9/11)

Resolution 82

Call for Cornell University to Create an Initiative to Develop Approaches to a Climate of Academic Integrity (12/8/10)

Resolution 81

Cornell Purchasing a University-Wide License for Turnitin (12/8/10)

Resolution 80

Status of Faculty Center (11/10/10)

Resolution 79

Academic Integrity & CU Matriculation  (10/13/10)

Resolution 78

Cornell Child Care Center  (9/8/10)

Resolution 77

Timely Response to Faculty Resolutions  (9/8/10)


Resolution 76

Effective Advising (5/12/10)

Resolution 75

Amend the Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty (OPUF)  (3/10/10)

Resolution 74

Library Resolutions (2/10/10)

Resolution 73

Library Task Force Report (12/9/09)

Resolution 72

Marcellus Shale (12/9/09)

Resolution 71

Availability of the Task Force Reports (11/11/09)

Resolution 70

Cornell Climate Action Plan (11/11/09)

Resolution 69

Concerning Make-Up Exams  (9/9/09)


Resolution 68

Concerning Academic Calendar  (4/8/09)

Resolution 67

Concerning Construction & Renovation of Buildings  (3/11/09)


Resolution 65

Final Examinations & Other End-of-Semester Exercises  (5/14/08)

Resolution 64

Reaffirm Senate Support that Cornell Establish a University Club (9/12/07)


Resolution 63

Approve the Establishment of a New Ph.D. Program in Human Behavior and Design (5/9/07)

Resolution 62

Campus Code Review (4/11/07)

Resolution 61

Approve the Offering of the Masters of Engineering Degree in Systems Engineering Taught Using Distance Learning (DL MEng in SE) (4/11/07)

Resolution 60

Review & Receive Faculty Governance – Final Report & Recommendations  (3/14/07)

Resolution 59

Approve Creation of a new Master of Science Legal Studies Degree Program in the Graduate Field of Law (3/14/07)

Resolution 58

Change the Charge and Name of Committee on Research on Human Subjects (3/14/07)

Resolution 57

Establish Two-Year Dual Degree – Master of Professional Studies/Real Estate (MPS/RE) – Master of Business Administration (MBA) (12/13/06)

Resolution 56

Violating the Code of Academic Integrity and Dropping Courses (9/13/06)

Resolution 55

Affirm Policy Openness in Research and Public Disclosure of Sponsorship of Research  (9/13/06)

Resolution 54

Acknowledgement and Appreciation (9/13/06)

Resolution 53

Library Board Regarding SPARC Author’s Addendum (9/13/06)


Resolution 52

Regarding Faculty Statement of Principles and Best Practices Concerning Strategic Corporate Alliances (11/9/05)

Resolution 51

Review Faculty Governance (passed 10/12/05)

Resolution 50

Establish a Graduate Minor Field – Computational Science and Engineering (9/14/05)

Resolution 49

Urging the Administration and the Board of Trustees to Engage in a Frank and Open Dialogue with the Faculty Regarding the Resignation of President Jeffrey Lehman (9/14/05)


Resolution 48

University Faculty Library Board on Scholarly Publishing (5/11/05)

Resolution 47

Adopt Policy on Sanctions for Job-Related Faculty Misconduct (5/11/05)

Resolution 46

Recommend that the Law School be Permitted to Use the Title of Clinical Professor (5/11/05) Law School Proposal

Resolution 45

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ad Hoc Committee Recommending that the Provost and Board of Trustees Create Emeritus/a Titles to Which Senior Lecturers, Senior Research Associates, and Senior Extension Associates may be Appointed (3/9/05)

Resolution 44

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ad Hoc Committee Recommending that the Provost and Officers of Schools, Colleges, and Administrative Units Employing NTT Faculty Create Professional Development Opportunities (3/9/05)

Resolution 43

Approve a Graduate Joint Masters Degree to be Offered by Cornell University of Hotel Administration and Nanyang Technological University’s School of Business in Singapore (passed 10/13/04)

Resolution 42

Recommend Establishment of the Titles Research Scientist and Principal Research Scientist (10/13/04)

Resolution 41

Modify Nominations & Elections Committee Selection Process (9/8/04)


Resolution 40

Establish a Ph.D. Program in Apparel Design in the Field of Textiles at Cornell University (5/2/04)

Resolution 39

Establish a Graduate Field and Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology (4/14/04)

Resolution 38

Amend FACTA Legislation (4/14/04)

Resolution 37

Regarding the University Library’s Policies on Serials Acquisition, with Special Reference to Negotiations with Elsevier (12/17/03)


Resolution 36

Establish a Graduate Field and Ph.D. Program in Information Science (5/14/03)

Resolution 35

Paper Usage at Cornell University (passed 5/14/03)

Resolution 34

Regarding a Renewable Energy Endowment at Cornell University (5/14/03)

Resolution 33

Create a Master of Engineering Degree Program in the Existing Major Field of Biomedical Engineering (5/14/03)

Resolution 32

Revise the Copyright Policy (5/14/03)

Resolution 31

Establish a University Club (4/9/03)

Resolution 30

Enabling Legislation for the Clinical Professor Title (9/4/02)


Resolution 29

Ward Center for Nuclear Sciences (5/8/02)

Resolution 28

Regarding Reestablishment of a Faculty Club (4/10/02)

Resolution 27

Faculty Committee on Minority Education Regarding Best Practices for Recruitment, Retention, and Addressing Concerns of Students of Under-Represented Minority Groups  (4/10/02)

Resolution 26

Recommending that Each Course Syllabus Include a Reference to the Cornell University code of Academic Integrity (3/13/02)

Resolution 25

Cornell’s Laboratory of Nuclear Studies (3/13/02)

Resolution 24

Change Composition of Committee on Research on Human Subjects (2/13/02)

Resolution 23

Regarding Widespread Consultation on Academic Unit – Changes to Name or Degree Designations (11/14/01)

Resolution 22

Modify Appeals and Grievance Procedures (11/14/01)

Resolution 21

Response to September 11 Tragedy (10/10/01)


Resolution 20

Establish a Standing committee of the Faculty Senate on Campus Climate (5/9/01)

Resolution 19

Academic Calendar through 2004-2005 (2/14/01)

Resolution 18

Copyright Policy (2/14/01)

Resolution 17

Formation of a Graduate Field of Horticulture (2/14/01)

Resolution 16

Establish a Faculty Online Forum (2/14/01)

Resolution 15

The Overarching Agreement between Cornell and eCornell (12/13/00)

Resolution 14

Dates of Commencement (12/13/00)

Resolution 13

Graduate Field of Systems Engineering and a Master of Engineering Degree in Systems Engineering (9/13/00)


Resolution 12

Principles of Cooperation and Consultation Between the President and Faculty Senate (5/10/00)

Resolution 11

From the University Benefits Committee on TIAA’s 10-Year Exit Restriction (5/10/00)

Resolution 10

Establishing a Graduate Field in Asian Religions (4/12/00)

Resolution 9

Distance Learning from the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies and the University Faculty Committee (3/8/00)

Resolution 8

Change the Composition of the Professors-At-Large Selection Committee (12/8/99)

Resolution 7

Substitute Resolution on the Diversity and Inclusion Statement from the Campus Climate Committee (12/8/99)

Resolution 6

Inappropriate use of Class Notes brought forward by the Educational Policy Committee (11/10/99)

Resolution 5

Establishing a Graduate Degree Program in Atmospheric Science (10/13/99)

Resolution 4

 Concerning the CIS Task Force Proposal and its Sequel (10/20/99)

Resolution 3

Amending the Faculty Committee on Program Review (9/8/99)

Resolution 2

Amending the Natural Sciences Research Advisory Councils (9/8/99)


Resolution 1

Sexual Harassment Procedures (9/9/98)


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