6. Policies and Assistance

6.1 Instruction

6.2 Research and Invention

6.3 Health and Safety

6.4 Ethical Practice

6.5 Financial Matters

6.6 Travel

6.7 Information and Communication

6.8 Campus Facilities and Services

6.9 Other

Where Policies Reside…

The University Bylaws are maintained by the Board of Trustees.

Policies and procedures that pertain to teaching are primarily the purview of the Faculty Senate  and the Educational Policy Committee.

The University Policy Office coordinates the editing, review, issuance, and archiving of all official university policies. There are  well-defined procedures for creating new policy and modifying old policy.

The Code of Academic Integrity is collectively maintained  by the colleges (through their respective hearing boards) and the Office of the Dean of Faculty. The DoF office provides AI-related resources to assist with enforcement.

Campus Code of Conduct is maintained by the University Assembly  Codes and Judicial Committee with oversight by the Trustees through the President. The fair enforcement of the Code is the responsibility of the Judicial Adminsitrator.

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