Provost Award for Teaching Excellence in Graduate and Professional Degree Programs


The nomination processes associated with the Weiss Teaching Awards and the recently established Provost Award for Teaching Excellence in Graduate and Professional Degree Programs have been paused because of the pandemic. The situation will be reviewed in the summer. Dossiers that have already been received will automatically become part of the pool once the nomination processes are reactivated with the understanding that they can be augmented with additional supporting materials. The same comments apply to the Carpenter Advising Award. It is fully expected that there will be heroic examples of teaching and advising during the Spring 2020 semester. Achievements of this sort need to be called out and highlighted in future nominations as appropriate.

Overview and Eligibility

This award recognizes the importance of teaching  in programs that lead to any of Cornell’s  advanced degrees excluding those offered through Weill Cornell Medicine. All tenured, tenure track, and RTE faculty are eligible. Individuals who are selected for this award are expected to have a record of teaching excellence at the graduate level that spans (at least) the past five years.

It is understood throughout that by “teaching” we mean  “teaching and advising at the graduate level”.

No preference will be given to  one type of graduate or professional instruction over another. All Faculty who teach at the masters, PhD, DVM, DMA, or JD level are eligible. The teaching effort that is to be considered by the selection committee must be significant, sustained, and distinct from the nominee’s undergraduate effort.

The goal of the award is to identify excellence. Here are some  examples.


Recipients receive a $7,000-a-year educational allowance for three years, as long as they continue to hold a tenure track, tenured , or RTE title at Cornell. There will be up to two awards each year announced in May.

The nomination process requires letters of support from faculty and students and other documentation. An FAQ for letter-writers is provided.

Dossiers are due April 7, 2020.

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