Professor of the Practice Titles

Professor of the Practice
Associate Professor of the Practice
Assistant Professor of the Practice


Professor of the practice titles are available only for long term, non-tenure-track faculty members who are distinguished and highly experienced individuals in a relevant field of professional practice and who can provide effective, practice-oriented instruction in areas that supplement the core pedagogical instruction provided by the tenured and tenure-track faculty. While teaching is the primary responsibility, faculty of this rank may have additional research, service, or outreach obligations, depending on specific requirements of the college or school. The title may not be used for positions whose responsibilities largely replicate those of tenure-track faculty.

The sum of the number of individuals on the clinical and professor of the practice tracks cannot exceed 25 percent of the existing tenure-track faculty positions in the college or 25% of the tenure-track positions in those departments or programs where those positions are located.

Professors of the Practice are members of the RTE Faculty and have University Voting Rights. They are nonvoting members of their college or school faculty unless given the right to vote by the particular faculty.

College Approvals

The titles “professor of-the practice,” “associate professor of the practice,” and “assistant professor of the practice” are available in a given college only upon satisfaction of a special approval process specified in the Faculty Senate’s enabling legislation. The following colleges and schools are authorized to use these titles:

College of Human Ecology
College of Engineering
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Johnson Graduate School of Management
Architecture, Art, Planning
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine

Follow the  links for details  about how  the college implements the track.

Administrative Notes

  • Professor of the practice  titles may be modified by “acting,” “courtesy,” or “visiting.” More on modifiers.
  • Unmodified professor of the practice  titles reflect salaried positions that are subject to affirmative action regulations.
  • Individuals appointed in these titles may apply for advertised tenure-track positions but may not move from these positions to an unadvertised tenure-track position.


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