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[There are bound to be questions as we  transition to the new representation set-up. You can post them below.]

An individual with University Voting Rights (UVR) is eligible to serve in the Faculty Senate and can vote in University-wide elections that determine the Faculty Trustees, the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Dean of Faculty, the University Faculty Committee, and the Nominations and Elections Committee. Individuals with UVR can also vote in elections that determine the senators from their own department and the RTE senators from  their college.

In the following table, University Faculty in blue have UVR. We use “UF* ” to designate this group of academic titleholders.

In the following table, RTE Faculty in blue have UVR. We use “RTE*  ” to designate this group of academic titleholders.

 University Faculty (UF)  Research-Teaching-Extension Faculty (RTE)
Professor Research Professor (all ranks)
Associate Professor Clinical Professor (all ranks)
Assistant Professor Professor of the Practice (all ranks)
University Professor Senior Scholar/Senior Scientist
Professor Emeritus/a Principal Research Scientist/ Research Scientist
Associate Professor Emeritus/a Senior Research Associate
Adjunct Professor (all ranks)  Senior Lecturer
Acting Professor (all ranks) Senior Extension Associate
Courtesy Professor (all ranks) Librarian/ Associate Librarian
Visiting Professor (all ranks) Archivist/ Associate Archivist
  Research Associate
  Extension Associate
  Visiting Critic/Scholar/Scientist/Fellow
  Instructor/Teaching Associate
  Senior Assistant Librarian/Assistant Librarian
  Senior Assistant Archivist/Assistant Archivist
Any of the above modified by “visiting“, “acting“, or “courtesy

One other piece of notation, the Tenure Track (TT) Faculty consists of all professors, associate professors, and assistant professors.

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