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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

The Senate

Agenda for the Next Meeting

The agenda is developed here and comments can be posted.

Pending Legislation

Resolutions and proposals currently under consideration.

2017-18 Meeting Dates  

The Senate meets four times every semester. The meetings are held 3:30-5:00pm  on the second Wednesday of the month. Any faculty member can attend and speak.

List of Senators

There are about one hundred Senators.

Meeting Prep and Follow-Up–The Process

University Faculty Committee Faculty (UFC) sets the agenda and oversees follow-up.

How Senate Meetings Work

Roberts Rules etc.

Guidelines for Presenters

The Senate is at its best when there is insightful discussion and debate. Well-designed presentations are essential.

Transcript/Agenda Archive

Transcripts and related materials from every Senate meeting.

Resolution Archive

All the Resolutions that were ever passed by the Senate.

Shared Governance

How the Faculty Senate should fit into the running of the University

Quick Introduction for New Senators

Everything you need to know in a few minutes.

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