3.3.1 Authority to Make Appointments

Academic appointments normally originate in departments, and are processed through the Records Administration Office in Human Resources. Actions involving academics with joint appointments may require approval by the other college. Faculty members do not have authority to make academic appointments, even if the supporting funds come from research grants supervised by the faculty members. No appointment is firm until it is approved at the designated level of final authority for the particular title, status, and length of term that apply to it. Extensive details regarding this authority are published in the policy about academic titles and appointments on the University Policy Library website, and answers to particular questions can be obtained from department administrative offices and deans’ offices.

Appointments or promotions involving award of indefinite tenure require the approval of the Board of Trustees and are acted on at meetings of the board. Professorial term appointments of five years or less (four years or less in the case of assistant professors) can be approved by the dean, without Trustee action, if the appointment does not exceed permissible limits governing time and title.

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