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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

For Faculty

You and Your Class

A handy directory for you and the students in your class.

Campus Contacts

A directory of important offices and units.

Get Out of Your Office!

It is important to meet faculty colleagues outside your unit/college

Responsibilities for Campus Climate

Promoting fairness, respect, integrity, and collegiality.

Grievance Policies

There are procedures in place when conflicts arise.

Surveys and Stats

Facts and figures of interest to faculty.

Reports and Discussions Archive

A repository of previous committee work by faculty.

Faculty Forums

One way to learn about major campus issues.

The Messenger and University Lectures

Lectures by renowned scholars that target the whole campus.

The Stephen H. Weiss Awards

Prestigious  awards for teaching excellence.

Inclement Weather Shutdowns

Every so often we are rewarded with a snow day!

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