Promoting Academic Integrity

With more online learning and more  opportunity to electronically undermine the teaching process, it is necessary to revise the Code of Academic Integrity and the  documentation that surrounds its use.

Our agenda has two stages. First we will consider Code modifications that are inspired by what we learned from the Spring 2020 semester (Stage 1). After those are processed we will turn our attention to various shortcomings of the Code that have been known for some time but which are becoming increasingly serious (Stage 2).

Stage 1 Agenda

On Video in Lieu of the Primary Hearing Witness
On Handling Large Cases
On Changing the Chosen Grade Option

Stage 2 Agenda

Tentative List


The DoF Academic Integrity Webpage
The Code of Academic Integrity
The Essential Guide to Academic Integrity at Cornell
C-POT Report: Comments on Academic Integrity

Consultation Group

The Academic Integrity Hearing Board Chairs
The Educational Policy Committee
The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
The Vice Provost for Graduate Education
The Professional Academic Advising leads
The College Associate Deans for Education
The Judicial Codes Counselors
The Student Assembly
The Graduate and Professional Student Association
The Center for Teaching Innovation
The University Registrar
The Office of University Counsel

Approval Plan

After sufficient input is gathered from these constituencies,  the EPC will draft proposals for Senate consideration.

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