Clinical Professor Titles

Clinical Professor
Associate  Clinical Professor
Assistant Clinical Professor

The ranks of the title of Clinical Professor are available only for long term, non-tenure-track faculty members who serve an essential teaching function in a clinical setting. While faculty members of this rank may have additional research, service, or outreach obligations, teaching is their primary responsibility. The title may not be used for positions whose responsibilities largely replicate those of tenure-track faculty. Similarly, the title is not meant as a wholesale replacement for the titles of faculty employed as Lecturers or Senior Lecturers. Decisions about appointment and promotion are made on the authority of the dean; approval by the provost or the Board of Trustees is not necessary. The titles “clinical professor,” “associate clinical professor,” and “assistant clinical professor” are available in a given college only upon satisfaction of a special approval process specified in the University Faculty’s enabling legislation.

Administrative Notes

  • These titles reflect salaried positions that are subject to affirmative action regulations.
  • Clinical professors generally hold the highest degree in their field. They may be appointed for a term of not to exceed five years, renewable repeatedly.
  • College or school legislation, as approved in the process with the Faculty Senate authorizing the use of the title in that college or school, governs various terms and conditions, including percent limitations on the number of such appointments, voting rights, and access to grievance and appeals procedures (consult the Faculty Senate Resolution Archive).
  • Clinical professor titles may be modified with “acting,” “courtesy,” or “visiting.” More on modifiers.