The Faculty Handbook

We are in the process of editing and reorganizing the old faculty handbook so that it becomes a more effective resource for faculty, staff, and administrators. Read why.

You can access the  faculty handbook through the fully linked table of contents below or through the pull-down menu at the top.

Much of the new faculty handbook involved simple cut-and-pasting from the old faculty handbook and a greater reliance on (working!)  links to documents and policies that are maintained elsewhere.

Please email should you have questions or suggestions that relate to this editing project.

1.  The Organization of the University

1.1  Departments, Colleges, Campuses
1.2 The Central Administration
1.3 The Assemblies
1.4 The University Faculty

2. The Faculty Senate

2.1 Overview
2.2 The Standing Committees

3. Titles, Appointments, Leaves

3.1 Description of Titles
3.2 Description of Title Modifiers
3.3 The Appointment Process
3.4 Nontenure Track Reappointments
3.5 Leaves
3.6 Resignation

4. Tenure Track Promotions

4.1 The Tenure Process
4.2 Promotion to Full Professor
4.3 Appeals

5. Retirement and Becoming Emeritus

5.1 Process for Becoming Emeritus/a
5.2 Perequisites and Opportunities
5.3 The Retirement Checklist

6. Policies and Assistance

6.1 Instruction
6.2 Research and Invention
6.3 Health and Safety
6.4 Ethical Practice
6.5 Financial Matters
6.6 Travel
6.7 Information and Communication
6.8 Campus Facilities and Services
6.9 Other

Appendix One: Organization and Procedures  of the University Faculty
Appendix Two: The Process of Modifying the Faculty Handbook


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