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Resolution Archive


 Resolution 128

Statement on Academic Freedom

Resolution 127

Cornell Leadership in Honesty and Reliable Knowledge

Resolution 126

Environment and Sustainability Major – Cross College Major

Resolution 125

Resolution on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Resolution 124

Resolution Concerning Cornell’s Response to Post-Election Events – Sanctuary Campus

Resolution 123

Resolution on Senate Meeting Dates

Resolution 122

Proposal for Implementation of Research Professor – College of Engineering (11/9/16)

Resolution 121

Endorsing a Request to Re-brand Cornell Plantations (10/12/16)

Resolution 120

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (9/14/16)


Resolution 119

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Human Ecology (5/11/16)

Resolution 118

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Research Professor–College of Veterinary Medicine (4/13/16)

Resolution 117

Honor Joseph A. Burns for His Service as Dean of Faculty (2/10/16)

Resolution 116

Proposal for Implementation of the Title Professor of Practice–College of Arts and Sciences (2/10/16)

Resolution 115

College of Business (12/16/15)

Resolution 114

Proposal for Implementation of Professor of Practice Title – College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (12/16/15)

Resolution 113

 Johnson Graduate School of Management Dual Degree Program (12/16/15)

Resolution 112

Student Resolution 24:  Cost Barriers to Study Abroad with President’s Response (11/5/15)

Resolution 111

Proposal for Implementation of Professor of Practice Title – College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (9/2/15)


Resolution 110

Investigation of Cornell University Conduct Toward Student Protestors (5/13/15)

Resolution 109

Enabling Legislation for Research Professor Title (5/13/15)

Resolution 108

Transfer of Titles by the Law School (5/13/15)

Resolution 107

Shared Governance in Matters of Educational Policy as Required by Article 13, Section 2 of the Bylaws of Cornell University (4/8/15)

Resolution 106

Professor of Practice Title – College of Engineering (4/8/15)

Resolution 105

Change Time of Faculty Senate Meetings (3/11/15)

Resolution 104

Professor of Practice and Clinical Professor Proposal- Human Ecology (2/11/15)

Resolution 103

Transfer from Clinical Professor to Professor of the Practice – Johnson Graduate School of Management (2/11/15)


Resolution 102

Professor of Practice Title – Amend 2002 Legislation (4/9/14)

Resolution 101

Cornell Investment and Divestment Strategies for a Sustainable Future (12/11/13)

Resolution 100

Clinical Professor Proposal – School of Hotel Administration (10/9/13)


Resolution 99

UFC Resolution on an Amendment to the eCornell Agreement (12/12/12)

Resolution 98B

Alternate Resolution on Investigation Concerning Freedom of Expression (12/12/12)

Resolution 98A

Investigation Concerning Freedom of Expression (12/12/12)

Resolution 97

Approve a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems at Cornell NYC Tech (10/10/12)


Resolution 96

Academic Calendar (5/9/12)

Resolution 95

Code of Academic Integrity, Resolution to Revise the Code of Academic Integrity (4/11/12)

Resolution 94

Change the Charge to the Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Status of the Faculty (4/11/12)

Resolution 93

Educational Policy Committee Resolution to add Two Student Members to EPC (3/14/12)

Resolution 92

Resolution on Cancellation of Classes, Monday April 27, 2015 from 8:00AM to 1:10PM to Celebrate the Cornell Sesquicentennial (3/14/12)

Resolution 91

Approve the Title Clinical Professor – College of Veterinary Medicine (12/14/11)

Resolution 90

Amend the University Bylaws to Allow Cornell Faculty to Earn a Graduate Professional Degree from Cornell University (10/12/11)

Resolution 89

Proposal to Implement Clinical Professor Title in the Johnson Graduate School of Management (9/14/11)


Resolution 88

Remove Median Grades from the Web  (5/11/11)

Resolution 87

Library Board  (5/11/11)

Resolution  86

Support the Extension of the Tenure-Track Clock for JGSM Faculty Appointments (5/11/11)

Resolution 85

Work over Breaks  (3/9/11)

Resolution 84

Use of Bottled Water (3/9/11)

Resolution 83

Protocols to Ensure Faculty Governance (2/9/11)

Resolution 82

Call for Cornell University to Create an Initiative to Develop Approaches to a Climate of Academic Integrity (12/8/10)

Resolution 81

Cornell Purchasing a University-Wide License for Turnitin (12/8/10)

Resolution 80

Status of Faculty Center (11/10/10)

Resolution 79

Academic Integrity & CU Matriculation  (10/13/10)

Resolution 78

Cornell Child Care Center  (9/8/10)

Resolution 77

Timely Response to Faculty Resolutions  (9/8/10)


Resolution 76

Effective Advising (5/12/10)

Resolution 75

Amend the Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty (OPUF)  (3/10/10)

Resolution 74

Library Resolutions (2/10/10)

Resolution 73

Library Task Force Report (12/9/09)

Resolution 72

Marcellus Shale (12/9/09)

Resolution 71

Availability of the Task Force Reports (11/11/09)

Resolution 70

Cornell Climate Action Plan (11/11/09)

Resolution 69

Concerning Make-Up Exams  (9/9/09)


Resolution 68

Concerning Academic Calendar  (4/8/09)

Resolution 67

Concerning Construction & Renovation of Buildings  (3/11/09)


Resolution 65

Final Examinations & Other End-of-Semester Exercises  (5/14/08)

Resolution 64

Reaffirm Senate Support that Cornell Establish a University Club (9/12/07)


Resolution 63

Approve the Establishment of a New Ph.D. Program in Human Behavior and Design (5/9/07)

Resolution 62

Campus Code Review (4/11/07)

Resolution 61

Approve the Offering of the Masters of Engineering Degree in Systems Engineering Taught Using Distance Learning (DL MEng in SE) (4/11/07)

Resolution 60

Review & Receive Faculty Governance – Final Report & Recommendations  (3/14/07)

Resolution 59

Approve Creation of a new Master of Science Legal Studies Degree Program in the Graduate Field of Law (3/14/07)

Resolution 58

Change the Charge and Name of Committee on Research on Human Subjects (3/14/07)

Resolution 57

Establish Two-Year Dual Degree – Master of Professional Studies/Real Estate (MPS/RE) – Master of Business Administration (MBA) (12/13/06)

Resolution 56

Violating the Code of Academic Integrity and Dropping Courses (9/13/06)

Resolution 55

Affirm Policy Openness in Research and Public Disclosure of Sponsorship of Research  (9/13/06)

Resolution 54

Acknowledgement and Appreciation (9/13/06)

Resolution 53

Library Board Regarding SPARC Author’s Addendum (9/13/06)


Resolution 52

Regarding Faculty Statement of Principles and Best Practices Concerning Strategic Corporate Alliances (11/9/05)

Resolution 51

Review Faculty Governance (passed 10/12/05)

Resolution 50

Establish a Graduate Minor Field – Computational Science and Engineering (9/14/05)

Resolution 49

Urging the Administration and the Board of Trustees to Engage in a Frank and Open Dialogue with the Faculty Regarding the Resignation of President Jeffrey Lehman (9/14/05)


Resolution 48

University Faculty Library Board on Scholarly Publishing (5/11/05)

Resolution 47

Adopt Policy on Sanctions for Job-Related Faculty Misconduct (5/11/05)

Resolution 46

Recommend that the Law School be Permitted to Use the Title of Clinical Professor (5/11/05) Law School Proposal

Resolution 45

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ad Hoc Committee Recommending that the Provost and Board of Trustees Create Emeritus/a Titles to Which Senior Lecturers, Senior Research Associates, and Senior Extension Associates may be Appointed (3/9/05)

Resolution 44

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ad Hoc Committee Recommending that the Provost and Officers of Schools, Colleges, and Administrative Units Employing NTT Faculty Create Professional Development Opportunities (3/9/05)

Resolution 43

Approve a Graduate Joint Masters Degree to be Offered by Cornell University of Hotel Administration and Nanyang Technological University’s School of Business in Singapore (passed 10/13/04)

Resolution 42

Recommend Establishment of the Titles Research Scientist and Principal Research Scientist (10/13/04)

Resolution 41

Modify Nominations & Elections Committee Selection Process (9/8/04)


Resolution 40

Establish a Ph.D. Program in Apparel Design in the Field of Textiles at Cornell University (5/2/04)

Resolution 39

Establish a Graduate Field and Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology (4/14/04)

Resolution 38

Amend FACTA Legislation (4/14/04)

Resolution 37

Regarding the University Library’s Policies on Serials Acquisition, with Special Reference to Negotiations with Elsevier (12/17/03)


Resolution 36

Establish a Graduate Field and Ph.D. Program in Information Science (5/14/03)

Resolution 35

Paper Usage at Cornell University (passed 5/14/03)

Resolution 34

Regarding a Renewable Energy Endowment at Cornell University (5/14/03)

Resolution 33

Create a Master of Engineering Degree Program in the Existing Major Field of Biomedical Engineering (5/14/03)

Resolution 32

Revise the Copyright Policy (5/14/03)

Resolution 31

Establish a University Club (4/9/03)

Resolution 30

Enabling Legislation for the Clinical Professor Title (9/4/02)


Resolution 29

Ward Center for Nuclear Sciences (5/8/02)

Resolution 28

Regarding Reestablishment of a Faculty Club (4/10/02)

Resolution 27

Faculty Committee on Minority Education Regarding Best Practices for Recruitment, Retention, and Addressing Concerns of Students of Under-Represented Minority Groups  (4/10/02)

Resolution 26

Recommending that Each Course Syllabus Include a Reference to the Cornell University code of Academic Integrity (3/13/02)

Resolution 25

Cornell’s Laboratory of Nuclear Studies (3/13/02)

Resolution 24

Change Composition of Committee on Research on Human Subjects (2/13/02)

Resolution 23

Regarding Widespread Consultation on Academic Unit – Changes to Name or Degree Designations (11/14/01)

Resolution 22

Modify Appeals and Grievance Procedures (11/14/01)

Resolution 21

Response to September 11 Tragedy (10/10/01)


Resolution 20

Establish a Standing committee of the Faculty Senate on Campus Climate (5/9/01)

Resolution 19

Academic Calendar through 2004-2005 (2/14/01)

Resolution 18

Copyright Policy (2/14/01)

Resolution 17

Formation of a Graduate Field of Horticulture (2/14/01)

Resolution 16

Establish a Faculty Online Forum (2/14/01)

Resolution 15

The Overarching Agreement between Cornell and eCornell (12/13/00)

Resolution 14

Dates of Commencement (12/13/00)

Resolution 13

Graduate Field of Systems Engineering and a Master of Engineering Degree in Systems Engineering (9/13/00)


Resolution 12

Principles of Cooperation and Consultation Between the President and Faculty Senate (5/10/00)

Resolution 11

From the University Benefits Committee on TIAA’s 10-Year Exit Restriction (5/10/00)

Resolution 10

Establishing a Graduate Field in Asian Religions (4/12/00)

Resolution 9

Distance Learning from the Committee on Academic Programs and Policies and the University Faculty Committee (3/8/00)

Resolution 8

Change the Composition of the Professors-At-Large Selection Committee (12/8/99)

Resolution 7

Substitute Resolution on the Diversity and Inclusion Statement from the Campus Climate Committee (12/8/99)

Resolution 6

Inappropriate use of Class Notes brought forward by the Educational Policy Committee (11/10/99)

Resolution 5

Establishing a Graduate Degree Program in Atmospheric Science (10/13/99)

Resolution 4

 Concerning the CIS Task Force Proposal and its Sequel (10/20/99)

Resolution 3

Amending the Faculty Committee on Program Review (9/8/99)

Resolution 2

Amending the Natural Sciences Research Advisory Councils (9/8/99)


Resolution 1

Sexual Harassment Procedures (9/9/98)


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