December 11 Faculty Senate Meeting

December 11, 2019
Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall


Call-to-Order [2 min] Mark Wysocki

Announcements [3 min] C. Van Loan, [slides]

Discussion [15 min] Belonging at Cornell,  Professor Avery August  [slides](Vice Provost for Academic Affairs) and Angela Winfield (Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Workplace Diversity)

Discussion [15 min] eCornellProfessor Steve Carvell , Vice Provost for External Education Strategy, [background]

Discussion [2o min] Policy 6.4: Issues and Recommendations, Professor Kevin Clermont, Professor Sherry Colb, and  Gabrielle Kantor [slides , proposed adjustments]

Presentation [10  min] Plans for  a Fossil-Fuel Divestment Resolution, Professor Caroline Levine  [ slidesbackground]

Sense-of-the-Senate-Resolution  [10 min] Timeline for deciding upon a public policy structure,   C. Van Loan, [ slides]

Quorum Check

Consent Items [1 min]

Discussion and Vote [10 min] Emeritus Status for RTE Faculty, C. Van Loan [slidesbackground]

Good and Welfare [2 min]


meeting minutes

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