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Resolution from the College of Arts and Sciences Proposal for Academic Title of Research Professor.

Posted: January 30, 2019
Senate Discussion: April 17, 2019
Tentatively Planned Senate Vote: April 17, 2019


This document is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences; it is a proposal for the academic title of research professor.


Resolution on Extending voting rights to members of the research, teaching, and extension  faculties.

Posted: November 12, 2018
Senate Discussion: December 12, 2018
Tentatively Planned Senate Vote: February 13, 2019


November Senate Slide presentation.

December Senate Slide Presentation

This resolution is sponsored by the University Faculty Committee and is based upon a  report from the Committee on Academic Titleholder Representation.

The actual resolution is couched in terms of specific changes that have to be made to the Senate Bylaws. Those Bylaws are part of the document Organization and Procedures of the University Faculty.

If you have thoughts about the resolution then you can post them below in total anonymity. The value of your posting is  enhanced by specifying your academic title in the body of your comment.

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  1. I support this legislation. Our researchers are important members of the Cornell community!

  2. Why not. There hasn’t been a faculty at Cornell since the late 60s and the Willard disaster.

  3. Inclusion of extension and research associates in voting as members of the university faculty is long overdue. The contribution by these groups to the university are immense and the lack of representation is a terrible oversight. I only hope that this effort will go further in recognizing the important gains that these faculty provide.

  4. This is fair and democratic and supports our commitment to diversity in the real sense. We MUST do this.

  5. I support the resolution and inclusion of research and extension associates as voting faculty members. We are actually providing services that result in research product which then become the academics. We belong in this process.

  6. While I strongly believe in shared governance and representation from all constituencies, I think that a better solution would be to have an RTE Faculty Assembly. This would give the RTE faculty a representative body through which to raise issues and concerns. There are some issues that have historically been the exclusive purview of the University Faculty and enacted through the Senate. How will this happen if the University Faculty and the Senate composition diverge?

    There are some issues where the RTE faculty interests are aligned with the University Faculty interests. But there are any number issues over which RTE faculty and University Faculty are likely to be at odds.

    I fear that by combining both groups into a single entity neither voice will actually be heard.

    The RTE Faculty Assembly could participate in the University Assemblies. The RTE Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate could partner/ally on issues of shared concern such as curriculum oversight. The RTE Faculty Assembly and the Employee Assembly could partner/ally on issues of shared concern such as employee leaves and benefits.

  7. I fully support this resolution.

    Giving a seat at the table to the RTE community invites a valuable and diverse perspective to the dialog.

  8. I support this resolution. The lack of a Research Professor title puts our senior scientists at a disadvantage when they apply for grants, since most R1 universities use this title.

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