Academic Integrity

The Essential Guide to Academic Integrity at Cornell is a print-friendly document that includes the actual Code of Academic Integrity together with advice about acknowledging the work of others, dealing with online sources, etc. A 14-minute video entitled Cheating is available  for Cornell students.

We recommend that course websites and online syllabi provide a link to this webpage. In addition, even though this policy is highlighted during orientation and at semester start, it is a good idea for both instructors and students to discuss academic integrity before prelims, finals, and all major due dates.

Because the Code does not address all questions that may arise, we provide guidelines to help those involved:

Guidelines for Instructors
Guidelines for Students
Guidelines for the Independent Witness
Guidelines for AI Hearing Board Chairs and Members

These guidelines do not substitute for the Code itself. In any specific case, as individual circumstances dictate, the Chair and Board of any college have the authority to use their discretion to interpret the Code and, based on that interpretation, deviate from the processes described here.

Academic Integrity Hearing Board Chairs – 2020-2021

AI cases require formal communications. To make that aspect of case handling less time-consuming for the instructor, we provide a library of

Template Letters for AI-Related Communications

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