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Plagiarism Detection Software

Software is available for faculty use in detecting plagiarism. Turnitin scans student submissions for matched text, comparing their work to a large database of other student submissions, publications, and materials on the Internet.

A site on Blackboard, instead of Turnitin’s own site, provides step-by-step instructions for Cornell faculty and students, on how to limit disclosure of some FERPA information.

Instructions for using Turnitin, as well as tips about its role as an educational tool, are available. The Academic Technologies staff holds instructional workshops for faculty. See schedule and register.

Faculty who use or anticipate using Turnitin must provide an additional notice to students, substantially to the effect of the following:

Students agree that by taking this course all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. Use of the service is subject to the Usage Policy posted on the site.

If Turnitin is instituted after the syllabus is distributed, faculty should provide written notice at that time.

Last Updated: January 4, 2018 at 1:19 pm