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Ongoing Projects

Implementation of  Policy 6.3 (Consensual Relationships)

There is much to do to make this policy clear to the whole community.

Representation for All Academic Title-Holders

Representation for the University Faculty, the non-tenure track faculty, post-docs, librarians, and other academic title-holders should reflect the deep levels of interaction that already exist between these constituencies.

Policy 6.4: Revision of Faculty-Related Procedures

A proposed updating of Policy 6.4 enforcement procedures when the accused is a faculty member.

The Reliable Knowledge Initiative

Understanding Research Misconduct

What is research misconduct and how do we heighten awareness of this most grievous threat to higher education?

Understanding Free Speech and the Campus Code

How do we balance the right to free speech with the right to an harassment-free campus?

Understanding the Fraternity-Sorority Judicial System

How autonomous should it be?

Understanding the New Budget Model

Making sure that budget-related incentives align with the academic mission.

Understanding Snow Days

How do they work and can the decision process be improved?

Understanding Assistive Listening Systems

Let’s increase the number of classrooms and auditoriums that work for the hearing-impaired.

Understanding Undergraduate-Related Issues

Topics include orientation, classroom use, the open syllabus project, academic integrity, university-level curriculum


On the back burner…

Bureaucracy Reduction

Cornell Tech

Graduate Student Unionization 

The 2016 Academic Work Life Survey Dashboard

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