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February 8, 2017 Faculty Senate Meeting

  1. Call to Order & Consent Items – Speaker Alex Susskind (1 min)
    1. Approval of December 14, 2016 meeting minutes
  2. Faculty Matters (10 min)
    1. Environment and Sustainability Major
  3. Update on curriculum review in Arts and Sciences followed by an informal discussion about how various proposals and ideas might affect the other colleges. Moderated  by Dean of Faculty Charles Van Loan.  We will be joined by several faculty members from Arts and Sciences who have been involved with the issues during the past year. [40 minutes]
  4. There will be a discussion about the immigration executive order and its current and future impact on the university.  We will be joined by President Hunter Rawlings and Provost Michael Kotlikoff.   An Updates and Resource webpage is being maintained by Global Cornell.  Relevant to the topic is the sanctuary campus resolution that was passed December 2016. [40 minutes]

Meeting Minutes


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