Resolution on RTE Percentage Caps in the CVM

Posted: April 25, 2020

Sponsor: College of Veterinary Medicine

The Proposal
Additional Information (Provided by the CVM)
CAPP Report
Impact on Tenure
Stats from Peer CVMs


The Resolution

Whereas the CVM’s proposal  to authorize use of the Clinical Professor Title was approved by the Faculty Senate (Resolution 91, December, 2011);

Whereas the CVM’s proposal  to authorize use of the Professor of Practice Title was approved by the Faculty Senate (Resolution 147, April, 2020);

Whereas the proposal includes this “percent limitation” text that constrains the number clinical professors in the College:

The distribution of positions within the CVM is based on 25% of the tenure-track appointments within teach department and the contributions of each department to clinical service. In the instance where a clinical or diagnostic service unit is embedded in a larger, non-clinical department, the number of clinical professors shall not exceed 50% of the faculty appointments within that unit (or 25% of the tenure-track faculty in the department, whichever is less), in order to preserve the representation of tenure-track professorial faculty in the unit.

Whereas this constraint has forced the CVM to utilize other titles that are not subject to this constraint (e.g. lecturer and senior lecturer) to meet its expanding veterinary clinical and public health missions;

Whereas this constraint has led to inequity among faculty in different titles having the same responsibilities, disadvantaging scholarship and career advancement;

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate approves this substitute for the percent limitation text:

The total number of lecturers, senior lecturers, senior extension associates, senior research associates, research professors (all ranks), clinical professors (all ranks), and professor-of-the-practice in the college will not exceed  45% of the total number of faculty in the college. The balance will be tenured and tenure track  faculty which implies that group represents at least  55% of the total faculty.



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