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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

Senate Committees

The following standing committees are set up by the Senate and are staffed through the Dean of Faculty Office. Note that the University Faculty Committee and the Nominations and Elections Committee are NOT committees of the Senate. They are committees of the University Faculty.

Academic Freedom and Professional Status of Faculty (AFPS)
Academic Programs and Policies  (CAPP)
A.D. White Professor-At-Large Selection Committee
Educational Policies Committee (EPC)
Faculty Advisory Committee on Athletics and Physical Education (FACAPE) 
Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments (FACTA)
Faculty Committee on Program Review (FCPR)
Financial Policies Committee (FPC)
Music Committee
University Benefits Committee (UBC)
University Faculty Library Board
University Lectures Committee
University-ROTC Relationships Committee  (URRC)

These committees have been inactive and unstaffed for several years:

Affirmative Action/Minority Education Committee
Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


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