University Lectures Committee

The University Lectures Committee administers the several University lecture funds and serves informally as a clearinghouse for other general lectures and scheduling.

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This table is a list of the members of the University Lectures Committee, along with the abbreviation of the name of the college they belong to and the year that they are appointed through.

University Lectures Committee Membership

Member Name:


Appointed through:

Kevin Tang, Chair
COE 2023
Jonathan Boyarin
CAS 2022
Cynthia Hazan CHE 2021
Marianne Krasny CALS 2021
Cheryl Finley CAS 2023
Sahara Byrne CALS 2021
Philip Nicholson CAS 2023
vacant Grad
vacant Ugrad
Dean of Faculty
Associate Dean of Faculty Ex Officio
Coordinator Ex Officio
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