Work Over Break

EPC “Sense-of-the-Senate” Resolution on Academic Work During Scheduled Breaks

Whereas student workloads have become an increasing cause of concern in relation to student mental health and stress; and

Whereas short breaks from academic requirements are intentionally included in the academic calendar to provide rest, respite and a break from schoolwork; and,

Whereas students are, at times, even assigned additional work over breaks.

Be it resolved, in keeping with the sense of the Senate on this issue, that while students are always expected to be prepared for class, framing assignments in such a way that necessitates academic work over Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, February Break,  or Spring Break is strongly discouraged. Students should be given sufficient time to carry out assignments and prepare for classes without being required to devote their breaks to such preparation.

Be it further resolved that the Dean of the Faculty shall remind the faculty in the beginning of the semester reminder not to frame assignments that necessitate academic work over scheduled breaks

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