Faculty Absences

The obligations of academic employees, such as the teaching of classes, meeting with advisees, directing graduate students, and research or extension servicesto which the university has made a commitment, should not go unmet.

Accordingly, the occurrence of inadvertent or unforeseeable absences, such as those due to sudden illness, transportation breakdown, or other emergency, should be communicated as soon as possible to the employeeʹs department chairperson or director, who will arrange for a substitute or inform students and others dependent on the employeeʹs presence. During planned absences, provision acceptable to the chairperson should be made for fulfillment of the employeeʹs academic obligations, and such provision communicated to students and others affected.

When an academic employee who has missed holding a class assigns a makeup session at a time when the class is not regularly scheduled, some of the students may have other obligations that prevent attendance at that time. If, in attempting to avoid such conflicts, the instructor arranges to have the class taken by a substitute, that person then faces the problem of maintaining the continuity, coherence, and level of presentation provided by the regular instructor. For these and other reasons, the missing of classes should be held to a minimum, and assignments of makeup classes and coaching of a substitute should be done with care. Having such plans approved by the department chairperson is advised

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