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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean


Charles Van Loan, Dean of Faculty (DOF) and professor of computer science (COMS)Charlie Van Loan

Dean of the University Faculty

315 Day Hall

607.255.4963  (Charlie, Jill)  (just Charlie)



Neema Kudva

Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty




Jill Short – Executive Staff Assistant, 607.255.4843 315 Day Hall

Advises faculty who need assistance with a procedure or an issue and maintains the Dean of Faculty website.


C.A. Shugarts – Administrative Assistant, 607.255.4963 315 Day Hall

Handles the Dean of Faculty Calendar, and handles all Dean of Faculty committee seats, publishes Memorial Statements.


Cindy Robinson – Administrative Assistant, 607.255.6608, 229 Day Hall

Answers questions about the retirement process and manages the Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti (CAPE).


















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