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Faculty Memorial Statements

The University Faculty has always followed the practice of including within the faculty records a memorial resolution on the death of one of its members. The faculty modified this custom, which was begun in the earliest days of Cornell University, in 1938 as follows:

Upon the death of a member of the University Faculty, the President or Dean of Faculty shall formally notify the Faculty at the next meeting and those present shall rise in respect for the memory of the deceased member. The Dean of Faculty Office shall then appoint a committee to prepare an appropriate memorial statement. Such statements shall not be presented in the form of resolutions, as in the past, but shall be annually collected, edited, and printed by the University in a memorial booklet, which shall be sent to members of the Faculty, to the families of the deceased members, and shall be filed with University records.

This printed booklet, prepared by the Office of the Dean of the University Faculty, contains articles in memory of those forty-eight University Faculty members whose deaths were reported in the period from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.  The names of the committee members who prepared the statements are given at the end of each article. Digital copies are listed below for your convenience.

Guidelines for Preparation of Memorial Statements – 2017-2018

Faculty Memorial Statements historical archive 1868-2008.

Memorial Statements from 2009-2016 (A-Z)

2016-2017 Memorial Statements ..

Marvin Adleman, Emeritus, Floriculture & Ornamental Horticulture (now Horticulture)

Martin Alexander, Emeritus, Plant Science

Bruce Anderson, Emeritus, Agriculture Economics

John Bird, Emeritus, Geological Sciences (now Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Arthur Bloom, Emeritus, Geological Sciences (now Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Malcolm Bourne, Emeritus, Food Science

Muriel Brink, Emerita, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Harlan Brumsted, Emeritus, Natural Resources

Harold Capener, Emeritus, Rural Sociology

Susan Christopherson, City and Regional Planning

Roger Cramton, Emeritus, Law School

Marjorie Devine, Emerita, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Alan Dobson, Emeritus, Biomedical Sciences

Clifford Earle, Emeritus, Mathematics

Chester Forshey, Emeritus, Plant Science

James Gair, Emeritus, Linguistics

D. Bob Gowin, Emeritus, Education

Lawrence Hamilton, Emeritus, Natural Resources

Peter Hinkle, Emeritus, Molecular Biology & Genetics

Wolfgang Holdheim, Emeritus, Comparative Literature

Robert Hughes, Emeritus, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Karel Husa, Emeritus, Music

Lynne Irwin, Emeritus, Bio and Environmental Engineering

Andre Jagendorf, Emeritus, Plant Biology

Ann Johnson, Science and Technology Studies

Richard Korf, Emeritus, Plant Pathology

Arthur Lieberman, Emeritus, Landscape Architecture

Theodore Lowi, Emeritus, Government

Russel MacDonald, Emeritus, Biochemistry

Franklin Moore, Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mary Morrison, Emerita, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Edwin Oyer, Emeritus, International Programs

Richard Penner, Emeritus, Hotel School

Gregory Poe, Applied Economics & Management

Herbert Schryver, Emeritus, Clinical Sciences

Alain Seznec, Emeritus, Romance Studies

Daniel Sisler, Emeritus, Applied Economics & Management

Seymour Smidt, Emeritus, Johnson Graduate School of Business

Donald Smith, Emeritus, Clinical Sciences

Robert Smith, Emeritus, Asian Studies

Rose Steidl, Emerita, Design & Environmental Analysis

Gilbert Stoewsand, Emeritus, Food Science

Mark Turnquist, Emeritus, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Natalie Uhl, Emerita, Plant Biology

David Wilson, Molecular Biology and Genetics

Paul Yarbrough, Emeritus, Communication

Milton Zaitlin, Emeritus, Plant Pathology

Robert Zall, Emeritus, Food Science


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