Resolution 139 – Proposal regarding Grade Change Policy (11/13/2019)

Term 2019-20
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted – November 13, 2019
The purpose of this legislation is for University Administration to work with Faculty Senate to incorporate changes into the University Grading Policy.
Resolution File   Final resolution
 Original resolution
Background Background
Title Proposal regarding Grade Change Policy
Sponsors Faculty Group: Profs. Bensel, Corrigan, Dubreuil, Franck, Golden, Levitsky, Lieberwitz, Roby, Walcott and Williams – Presented by Richard Bensel
Reviewing Committee EPC

Resolution History

Date Action
10/2019 Draft proposal shared with Dean of Faculty by Professor Bensel as representative of the faculty group with the request to present/discuss at October Faculty Senate meeting.
10/16/2019 Presented at Faculty senate meeting
10/16/2019 Discussed at Faculty Senate meeting
11/13/2019 Adopted by Faculty Senate


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