Tenure Track Project

The purpose of this project is to capture in one public document all of the key policies, protocols and best practices related to tenure and promotion at Cornell. Currently, information of this kind is sometimes hard to find, incomplete, inconsistent or otherwise problematic.

This brief powerpoint presentation gives a quick overview of the plan.  Read more  on why the project is necessary and how it is structured.

The Senate’s AFPSF Committee has reviewed all the processes and procedures associated with the tenure track and has assembled a structured FAQ that identifies about  70 topics  that are worthy of  discussion among the faculty, the chairs, the deans, and the provost. The FAQ is partitioned into these sections:

A. Recruitment
B. The Probationary Period
C. Launching the Tenure Review
D. External Reviewer Selection
E.  Letters from Students on Teaching and Advising
F.  Department Deliberations
G. College Deliberations
H. University Deliberations

Each FAQ section supports two feedback mechanisms. (1) Comments can be uploaded and shared anonymously. (2) A word version of the section is supplied that can be downloaded, modified using track changes, and returned to the DoF mailbox.

The FAQ comes equipped with pointers and excerpts from these tenure-related  sections in the Faculty Handbook:

Reappointment Not Involving Probationary Tenure Status
Faculty Members in Probationary Tenure Status
University Criteria
Time Period to Review for Tenure
Review Process for Tenure
Faculty Advisory Committee on Tenure Appointments

While these sections stipulate university rules and expectations, implementation details tend to be documented at the college level. The FAQ also provides excerpts from this widely disparate body of information.  Sharing how the colleges think about tenure is somewhat difficult because most colleges have chosen to store their procedure documents on local  intranets that block public viewing. ( CALS and  Engineering are the exception.)

The Project is also concerned with improving the three appeal processes that relate to the tenure track:

Appealing a decision not to renew a nontenure appointment.
Appealing a decision not to initiate a tenure review.
Appealing a decision not to grant tenure.

The AFPSF will be taking up the appeal part of the project during the Spring 2020 semester.




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