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Academic Titles at Cornell

The Faculty Handbook defines both titles and title modifiers.  Modifiers include “visiting”, “adjunct”, “courtesy”, “acting”, and “emeritus/a”.

The tenured and tenure-track faculty basically make up the University Faculty. These include assistant professors, associate professors, professors,  and university professors.

The non-tenure track academic titles can be grouped by approximate job-description. One has to say “approximate” because there is variation across the colleges in terms of how these titles are used. For example, a title that is used  “primarily”  for teaching may have a research or extension component. Having said that, here is a 3-way classification:

1.Titles Primarily Associated with Teaching

lecturer, senior lecturer, instructor, teaching associate, professor-of-the-practice (all ranks), clinical professor (all ranks)

2.Titles Primarily Associated with Research

research professor, senior scholar, senior scientist, research scientist, senior research scientist, research associate,, senior research associate, extension associate, senior extension associate, post-doctoral associate, post-doctoral fellow, librarian, archivist

3. Titles for Visitors

visiting critic, visiting scholar, visiting scientist

All professorial titles (those that include the word “professor”) have assistant and associate ranks as do the librarian and archivist titles.

More data on the academic title-holder population.

Last Updated: May 17, 2018 at 6:02 am