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The University Faculty

Office of the Dean


Charles Van Loan  Computer Science, Professor Emeritus, Dean of Faculty
Anna Waymack  Medieval Studies, PhD Student
Rhonda Gilmore Design and Environmental Analysis, Senior Lecturer
Kimberly O’Brien Nutritional Sciences, Professor
Charles Seyler Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor
Gillian Turgeon School of Integrative Plant Science, Professor
Makda Weatherspoon Near Eastern  Studies, Senior Lecturer
Researchers  (2 sharing 1 seat)
Tisha Bohr Medical Sciences, Post-doctoral associate
Emily Davenport Molecular Biology and Genetics, Post-doctoral associate
Graduate Students (6 sharing 3 seats)
Bradi Heaberlin Information Science
Aubrie James Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stephen Kim English
Katherine Quinn Physics
Nate Stetson Law
La’Tise Tangherlini Law
Emily Szopinski Law
Jenna Chong Meng
Undergraduate Students   (6 sharing 3 seats)
Ella Ackerman Urban Planning — AAP
Joseph Anderson  ILR
Sofie Cornelis  Information Sciences (Until 12/31)
Renee Cornell  Interdisciplinary Studies-CALS
Caitlin Gleason  ILR
Grace Park  AAP
Employees  (4 sharing 1 seat)
Daniela Sorokko Harris Title IX Office
Gina Giambattista University Relations, Office of the Assemblies
Pilar Thompson CVM, Clinical Programs
Laura Johnson-Kelly CAS, Near Eastern Studies
Sarah Affel Title IX Office
Sandy Dhimitri Office of Human Resources
Janna Lamey Graduate School Office
Laura Weiss Dean of Students Office

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