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Resolution 110: Investigation of Cornell University Conduct Toward Student Protestors

Term 2015-2016
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted
Abstract WHEREAS, the Cornell University Police Department (CUPD), in investigating student protesters in March and April 2015, reportedly engaged in intimidating and aggressive conduct, including: coercive interrogations of students; threatening to drag a student from class in handcuffs; threatening a student with a lengthy prison sentence; and subpoenaing student Facebook accounts
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Title Investigation of Cornell University Conduct Toward Student Protestors
Sponsors UFC, R. Lieberwitz, R. Craib, E. Cheyfitz, E. Sanders, L. Dubreuil, J. Weiss, C. Schaffer, P. Sawyer, E. Anker, P. Friedland, R.  Miller, V. Meyers-Wallen, S. Feldman, C. Fewtrell
Reviewing Committee Muna Nudlo, Chair, Charles Brittain, Paulette Clancy

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
5/13/15 Adopted by University Faculty Senate
8/14/15 Review Committee Formed
3/14/16 Committee Report Received
4/11/16 Response from Chief Kathy Zoner
4/13/16 Report Presented to Faculty Senate

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