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Office of the Dean

November 9, 2016 Faculty Senate Meeting

We meet in 120 Physical Sciences (see map). This room is right off the main atrium from 3:30-5:00.

Final Agenda:

3:30-3:35    Consent Items (3 minutes)

3:33:-3:40     Dean of Faculty Matters (7 minutes)

 3:40-3:50    Statement by a subset of ILR faculty and staff on President’s Rawlings Statement on Graduate Student Unionization – Professor Risa Lieberwitz (10 mins)

3:50-4:05     The 2035 Carbon Neutrality Report (Professor Bob Howarth & Professor Todd Cowen)     15 minutes

 4:05-4:45    Addressing Student Housing While Advancing Academic Initiatives (Provost Mike Kotlikoff)     40 minutes

4:45-5:00     Instructional Space Scheduling (Vice Provost Becky Stoltzfus, Mary-Lynn Cummings, Director of Capital and Space Planning)     15 minutes

Meeting Minutes