March 13, 2002 University Faculty Senate Agenda & Meeting Minutes


  • Call to Order by Speaker Howland
  • Report by Provost Martin
  • Remarks by Dean J. Robert Cooke
  • Approval of Minutes of the February 13, 2002 Senate Meeting
  • ReportReport from the Nominations and Elections Committee: Charles Walcott, Associate Dean and Secretary of the University Faculty
  • Resolution to Modify Appeals and Grievance Procedures: Peter Stein, Professor, Physics and Chair of Task Force on Appeals and Grievance Procedures (Enclosures: Task Force Report, Resolution)
  • Resolution Recommending that Each Course Syllabus Include a Reference to the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity: Presentation by Abby Cohn, Assoc. Professor and Chair, Linguistics; Susan Piliero, Assoc. Professor Education, Chair of EPC
  • Resolution to Rename the Laboratory of Nuclear Studies: Terrence Fine, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chair, CAPP
  • CAPP Report on Progress Made in Fulfilling the Terms of the Agreement Presented to the Faculty Senate by Vice Provost Garza on 10 May 2000: Terrence Fine, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chair, CAPP. (CAPP Report) (2000 Garza Report) (Arms Oerheads) (Birman Letter)
  • Discussion of Computer Network Costs Recovery: Jennifer Gerner, Professor, Assoc. Dean of CHE and Chair of FABIT; Thomas Dyckman, Professor, JGSM and Financial Policies Committee (Network Cost Recovery Task Force Report)
  • Continuation of Discussion of Professorial Titles discussion (no vote) Alan Bell, Professor, Animal Science and Task Force Chair (Bell Overheads)
  • Report on Discussions about the Faculty Club: Peter Stein, Professor Physics and Cornell Trustee (Graph, Survey)
  • Good and Welfare



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