University Faculty Committee

The University Faculty Committee (UFC) acts as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and the President, Provost, and other senior University administrators. It sets the agenda for Senate meetings. It establishes and/or reappoints ad hoc committees and subcommittees. The UFC advises the Dean on all matters that concern the faculty. More from the Faculty Handbook

This table is a list of the members of the University Faculty Committee (UFC), along with the abbreviation of the name of the college they belong to and the year that they are appointed through.

University Faculty Committee (UFC) Membership

Member Name:


Appointed through:

Dean of Faculty (Chair)
Rosemary Avery (S) CHE 2023
Courtney Roby (S) CAS 2023
Anthony Hay (S) CALS 2021
Charlie Walcott (S) CAS 2023
Michael Thonney (S) CALS 2023
Durba Ghosh (NS) CAS 2022
David Lee (NS) COB 2022
Mariana Wolfner (NS) CAS 2021
Alan Mathios (NS) CHE 2023
Associate Dean of Faculty Ex Officio

S = Senator at time of election, NS = Not a senator at the time of election.

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