Resolution 135 – Resolution on the use of the 4:25-7:30 p.m. “Free-time zone” (5/8/2019)

Term 2018-2019
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted – May 8, 2019
This proposed legislation sponsored by the UFC specifies that courses 4999 and lower are designated undergraduate courses and unless they receive special permission, are not allowed to take place during the “free-time zone.”  The revision will be made in the Faculty Handbook.
Resolution File   Resolution
Title Use of the 4:25-7:30 p.m. “free-time zone”
Sponsors University Faculty Committee – Presented by Dean of Faculty Charles Van Loan

Resolution History

Date Action View Details
05/2019 Discussed at University Faculty Committee
05/08/2019 Discussed at University Faculty Senate meeting
5/08/2019 Approved by Faculty Senate


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