Resolution 88: Remove Median Grades from the Web

Passed: May 11, 2011
Sponsor: Charles McCormick, Educational Policy Committee
Senate Discussions:

The Resolution

WHEREAS public publishing of the median grades for all courses on the Cornell website is used by students to select courses that give high grades, and,

WHEREAS this practice is contributing to grade inflation at Cornell,

WHEREAS the practice of posting median grades on the web is being exploited by external websites to match median grades to specific professors allowing students to choose those courses or sections with higher median grades (see,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that Cornell will cease the public publishing of median grades of Cornell courses (thus removing them from the Cornell website), and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that median grades of Cornell courses continue to be recorded by the Registrar and made available to persons with need to know (Deans, Department Chairs, etc., and persons needing the data for scholarly research, with decisions to be made by the appropriate Dean).


Term AY 2010-2011
Senate University Faculty Senate
Status Adopted 5/11/11
Abstract Remove Median Grades from Web
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Title Resolution to Remove Median Grades from the Web
Sponsors Charles McCormick, EPC
Reviewing Committee Education Policy Committee (EPC)

Resolution History

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5/11/11 Adopted by University Faculty Senate
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