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  Cornell University

The University Faculty

Office of the Dean

December 12, 2012 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Call to Order – Acting Speaker Charlie Walcott (3 min)
  • Announcements from Dean of Faculty and Introductions – Joe Burns – (5 min)
  • Approval of Minutes from November 14, 2012 Faculty Senate Meeting Acting Speaker Charlie Walcott – (2 min)
  • Background on Distance Learning Programs – Harry Katz ,ILR Dean and eCornell Board Member (15 min)
    1. Panel to Answer Questions – Ted Dodds, Cornell’s Chief Information Officer, Chris Proulx, CEO, eCornell and Kavita Bala, Computer Science Senator (15 min)
  • UFC Resolution on an Amendment to the eCornell Agreement – David Delchamps, UFC (15 min)
  • Resolution on Investigation Concerning Free Expression – Clare Fewtrell, UFC (15 min)
  • Alternative¬† Resolution on Investigation Concerning Freedom of Expression – Eric Cheyfitz, Senator (15 min)
  • Good and Welfare (5 min)