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Appendix One: The University Bylaws

The official copy of the University Bylaws is maintained and on file with the Office of the University Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation. It is also available on-line.

The University Bylaws are sometimes updated after a meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The most recent version (May 27, 2017)  with links to individual articles is given below.

Article I The University
Article II The Board of Trustees
Article III Committees
Article IV Annual Audit
Article V The President
Article VI Officers of the Corporation and Vice Presidents
Article VII The Provosts
Article VIII The Executive Vice president and Chief  Financial Officer
Article IX The Secretary of the Corporation
Article X The University Counsel
Article XI Internal Control
Article XII The Treasury
Article XIII The University Faculty
Article XIV College and School Faculties
Article XV The Degrees Awarded
Article XVI Deans, Directors, and Other Academic Officers
Article XVII The Instructional and Research Staff–Appointment and Tenure
Article XVIII Professor At Large
Article XIX The Regulation of Traffic and Parking
Article XX Academic Advisory Councils
Article XXI The Medical Center
Article XXII Indemnification
Article XXIII Conflicts of Interest
Article XXIV Miscellaneous Provisions
Article XXV The Degrees Awarded
Article XXVI Method of Amendment
Appendix A Governance: Medical College and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Appendix B Governance: Cornell Tech



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