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4.1.6 The University Review

[This webpage is being edited. Until it becomes official, refer to what the current faculty handbook says on this topic.]


 FACTA is a university-wide faculty committee that evaluates the quality and consistency of the evidence used to justify a recommendation for promotion. FACTA sends its judgments on each case to the Provost, who is responsible for the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. To do its work responsibly, FACTA must receive the appropriate information in a timely way.

Timing of submission of materials

The due date issued by the Academic Personnel Policy Office to the Dean’s Offices is the guaranteed date for timely consideration. Dossiers submitted after the due date risk not being considered in time for the next Board of Trustees meeting. Dossiers received later than 5 academic weeks before the Board of Trustees meeting cannot be considered by FACTA. (Three weeks of this 5-week period are reserved for Trustees’ mailings, etc.)

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