Understanding Assistive Listening Systems


  1. Increase the number of auditoriums, classrooms, and conference rooms on campus that are  outfitted with hearing loop technology. Among the several assistive  listening technologies, hearing loops are the most user-friendly and they  make economic sense. To learn more about this point of view we recommend familiarity with the Loop Wisconsin website.
  2. Improve the reliability and usability of the infrared systems that are installed in 200+ classrooms.

Learn About Listening Loops and Other Technologies


Assistive Listening Systems and Devices

A Review of Assistive Listening Devices and Digital Wireless Technology for Hearing Instruments

Listening Loops: The Preferred Assistive Listening Technology (Kaufmann, Sterkens, and Woodgate)

This article discusses the benefits of hearing loops as an effective and userfriendly assistive listening technology and summarizes the current progress of adoption in the United States. Research shows that audio frequency induction loops are strongly preferred by hearing aid users over FM and IR systems and allow venues to provide their hard-of-hearing patrons with the optimal and most convenient listening experience.

Juliette Sterkens’ “Let’s Loop Wisconsin” Blog

The goal of this blog is to inform and bring those interested together to help loop one community at a time.

In the Loop (Myers and Sterkens)

Momentum is accelerating toward a new world of assistive listening for Americans with hearing loss. We refer to the mushrooming support for induction loops (aka “hearing loops”), which transmit a magnetic signal to the telecoil (T-coil) receiver that now comes with most hearing aids and all new cochlear implants. With nothing more than a push of a button, the hearing instrument becomes a wireless loudspeaker.

Hearing Loop Demonstration Video

How to Procure a Hearing Loop for Your Facility

A “best practice” document that should be considered by those contemplating the installation of a system.

‘Invisible’ No Longer (S. Thunder)

Staying current on assistive-listening legislation and hearing-loop installation standards

ADA Presentation

A 2017 presentation that includes a fair amount of technical information on the different technologies.

Hearing Loops Unlimited

A wealth of information from certified installers of Contacta, Listen Technologies, Williams Sound, and Univox systems.

Federal Disability Legislation

American with Disabilities Act: Guidelines

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004: Regulations

Cornell Practicalities

The Infrared Inventory

List of all the classrooms and auditoriums that have assisted listening systems based on infrared technology.

Start a Project

Guidelines from Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning.

Broader Perspectives

A Lifetime of Visible and Invisible Disabilities

An essay by Valerie Bunce (Cornell) and Gay Gullickson (U Maryland).

Planning for Accessibility on Campus

Presentation by Andrea Haenlin-Mott (October 2017)

Strategic Plan

Institutional Disability Access Management Strategic Plan for Cornell University (AY 2015).

Campus Contacts

Kappy Fahey   (Director, Student Disability Services)
Andrea Haenlin-Mott   (ADA Coordinator, Facilities Management)
Andy Page  (Manager, Integrated Audio and Video Engineering,CIT)
Cindy Robinson   (Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti)
Charlie Van Loan   (Dean of Faculty)

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