3 thoughts on “T2: Classroom Availability

  1. We have very few small-to-midsize classrooms on campus with three large panels of blackboard. Classroom assignments need to take account of A/V needs, with classrooms with lots of blackboard space set aside for courses (like graduate quantum mechanics or statistical mechanics) that really do need the blackboard space.

  2. I do hear complaints about classes being scheduled far from our department. However, it’s not clear how much those are just exceptional cases. Reviewing the material here makes it seem like a better algorithm would be useful for assigning classrooms more efficiently.

  3. The biggest classroom need we see is for classrooms in the 100-300 student range. Need is defined both as the number of such rooms and their quality: technology, lighting, aesthetics such as disgusting carpeting that hasn’t been replaced in 40 years cough cough Uris Auditorium. There are many large-ish lectures like this, even in A&S, and likely to be more with the growth of the incoming cohorts. Maybe instead of spending so much money on staff to support the various special initiatives (Engaged Cornell, Active Learning), Cornell could invest some of these funds on basic classroom infrastructure.

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