Next Senate Meeting

March 11, 2020
Statler Ballroom
Post comments below or on any of the webpages referenced in the agenda.


[Time allocations subject to adjustment.].

Announcements [5 min, slides  ]

Discussion [40 min]

Pausing Tenure Cases [ slides]
Tenure Track Project [ slides]

Quorum Check
Consent Items

Voting [45 min]

The Fossil Fuel Divestment Resolution [20 min, slides ]
Resolution to Clarify Grade-Change Protocols [10 min, slides];   Proposed Amendment [ slides ]
Motion to Rescind the Superdepartment Resolution [ 10 min, slides ]
Family-Member-Is-Instructor Resolution [5 min, slides ]

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3 thoughts on “Next Senate Meeting

  1. The whole inter-college social-sciences and policy school business seems a timely topic that is at the heart of the Senate’s purview. I’m sorry not to see it on the agenda.


    A question about this Wednesday’s faculty senate meeting. I realize there’s already been a lot of discussion of the agenda — but we have an emerging situation that can’t wait until next month.

    The move to online classes has begun — Stanford, for example, suspended in-person classes as of ~48 hours ago:

    Next week Ithaca college will be on Spring break. I’m no epidemiologist, but I’m guessing that when they return the chance that COVID-19 will have arrived in Ithaca will be nontrivial.

    Should we find time to discuss Cornell’s plan in the senate?

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