Next Senate Meeting

November 13, 2019
Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall


Call-to-Order [2 min], Speaker Sam Nelson

Announcements [10 min] [slides], C. Van Loan

Presentation [8 min]: Resolution on  emeritus/a status for retiring RTE Faculty, [slides], C. Van Loan

Discussion [35 min]: Social Sciences Implementation Committee update.  [slides], Professor Melissa Ferguson, Professor Chris WildemanDeputy Provost John Siliciano, and Provost Mike Kotlikoff.

Discussion [15 min]: Data Science Initiative, [slides],  Professor David Shmoys

Quorum Check

Consent Items [1 min]

Discussion and Vote [7 min] : Resolution on Grade Change Policy [slides]

Presentation [5 min]: Resolution to clarify grade-change protocols, [slides], C. Van Loan

Discussion and Vote [5 min]: Resolution on Learning Where You Live Course Approval Process [slides]

Good and Welfare [2 min]


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One thought on “Next Senate Meeting

  1. In the Resolution on emeritus/a status for retiring RTE Faculty the position of Senior Extension Associate is not listed. In many cases, RTE faculty holding this position would meet the criteria laid out in the table. Please add this title to the list of eligible positions.


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