March 14, 2012 Faculty Senate Meeting


  1. Call to Order
  2. Discussion of the Potential changes to the academic calendar (Calendar committee)* (Jeff Doyle, Chair) (10 min)
  3. Resolution to cancel classes on the sesquicentennial of Charter Day (EPC) (Charles McCormick, EPC Member) (8 min)
  4. Resolution from EPC to add two student members to the committee. (EPC) (Charles McCormick, EPC Member) (5 min)
  5. Discussion of Resolution from AFPS to amend their enabling legislation AFPS Original Charge for March 2012 (Peter Stein) (12 min)
  6. Report from CAPP (Thom Cleland, Chair) (3 min)
  7. Approval of Minutes from 8 February Faculty Senate Meeting (Steve Beer) (2 min)
  8. Discussion with candidates for Dean of Faculty Seat – Joseph A. Burns, Risa Lieberwitz (35 min)
    1. Each candidate will have 5 minutes for presentation followed by 10 minutes of alternating Q&A. At the conclusion, there will be 5 minutes for general discussion. The election will go live next week just following the Senate meeting.
  9. Comments from “students for Justice in Palestine” (5 min)
  10. UFC Report (Senator Abby Cohn) (5 min)
  11. Good and Welfare – (Yuval Grossman, Physics Dept.) (5 min)

*Recommended changes are available at:

**Short statements and short biographies for all candidates in the upcoming election are available at:



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