December 14, 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting


  • Call to Order
  • Report from Nominations & Elections Committee (Fred Gouldin)
  • Report from Committee on Academic Programs and Policies (Thomas Cleland)
  • Resolution on the use of the title “Clinical Professor” in the College of Veterinary Medicine (Thomas Cleland)
  • WHEREAS the Clinical Professor title is available at Cornell, per Faculty Senate legislation of September 2002, and
  • WHEREAS the Veterinary Colllege has proposed to utilize this title, and
  • WHEREAS the proposal was publicized more than 60 days ago;
  • THEREFORE, be it resolved that the title Clinical Professor be available to the Veterinary School in accordance with their proposal (available at: /agendas_minutes/11_12/091411/PROPOSAL.pdf
  • Approval of October 12, 2011 Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes (1 min)
  • Report from the Financial Policies Committee (Ron Ehrenberg)
  • Report on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Trends (Barb Knuth)
  • Update on the University’s Budget Model (Elmira Mangum)
  • Good and Welfare





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