October 11: Faculty Senate Agenda

The Faculty Senate will meet Wednesday, October 11, 3:30-5:00 pm in 120 Physical Sciences.

Below is the agenda. Look at all the slides.

Call to Order  [1 minute]

C. Walcott

DoF Announcements [9 minutes]

Faculty Handbook Project, Modifying the Campus Code, Work-Life Survey Results, Social Science Review, Elections.

C. Van Loan

slides ]

On the Expanded New Student Orientation [15 min]

Peggy Arcadi, Director,  New Student Programs

slides ]

Learning Management Systems Evaluation project[15 min]

Vice provost Julia Thom-Levy


An Overview of Cornell’s Bias Assessment and Review Team  [15 minutes]

Vijay Pendakur, Dean of Students

UFC-Sponsored Resolution and Vote: On Recent Racial Incidents  [15 minutes]

Professor Durba Ghosh


Cornell Sun (Sept 18)
Cornell Sun (Sept 20)
Chronicle of Higher Education  (Sept 21)
Cornell Sun (Sept 27)
Cornell Sun (Sept 28)
President Pollack’s Statement
Provost Kotlikoff and VP Lombardi Statement
Black Student Union demands.

DoF-to-Faculty Communication [10 minutes]

C. Van Loan

[  slides  ]

Good and Welfare [10 minutes]

Professor Eric Cheyfitz    [Statement]
Professor Yuval Grossman

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